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6. Announcements.

6.1 Making announcements.

Occasionally, you may wish to post something that does not fall into the normal parameters for a DX callout. You may wish to tell everybody connected that 10 FM is open for example, or ask if anyone knows the QSL manager for a certain callsign etc. You can do this using the ANNOUNCE command.


announce 10 FM is open in IO84NB to europe.

That would let everyone know locally that this was the case, however it would not be forwarded to other nodes connected. To send announcements to other connected nodes as well, you would use the FULL extension.


announce full Anyone seen EA7WA today?

Be cautious in your use of announce full. There are many other tools available to get the information you require and the judicious use of this command is frowned upon as it creates a great deal of traffic across the network.

6.2 Listing announcements.

You can list previous announcements in the standard format with the SHOW command. As before you can list just the last 5 or as many as you wish.


show/announcements 10

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