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DXSpider usermanual v 1.50

WinPack v 6.80

This Zip file contains a .TXT version and a .HTML version. Unzip this file into a New folder and double click on the usermanual_en.html or .txt


Token 2 v 2.95

Token 2 can be used as either a
Winsock Telnet client or a dial-up modem terminal. It automatically determines the connection type based on the destination address. If 'abc.net' is entered as a destination, Token 2 will use Winsock to make the connection. If '555-5555' is entered, it will use the modem. Token 2 supports VT100/ANSI terminal modes and the user can even remap keyboard values. It can also connect to the COM port directly in RS-232 or RS-485 mode, and supports Zmodem transfer over the Internet and dial-up modems. Token 2 also supports local printing, and has the ability to capture and display the communication stream in real time. It also can properly handle two-byte characters, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Token 2 can be used with wide variety of proxy/firewall servers. It supports WinGate-type TIS, SOCKS 4.0, SOCKS 5.0, and SOCKS 5.0 with username/password authentication.


WinPack is a windows Packet program that can also be used for Telnet.


WinPack Manual

Ralph Milnes, KC2RLM, has produced an absolutely superb manual for WinPack. It is available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format. For the Word version, download WinpUser6_80_DOC.zip 

(421kB). For the PDF version, download WinpUser6_80_PDF.zip      (1.09MB).

WinPack's Web Site


Pat's Downloads


CamRadio Files Download


Logitech Pro9000 Software


Ham Radio Deluxe
V 050b2853 Full

HRD V050b2893_full.zip

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