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Current Weather Conditions in Brockton, MA


Todays Hi/Low Temp.

 25 F / 12F


Sunrise 7:05am
Sunset 4:13pm
Moonrise 4:21am
Moonset 2:56pm
Barometer 29.86 InHg and Falling
Wind Speed 0.0 mph S
Wind Gust 0.0 mph Hi for day4.0 mph
Wind Chill 25 F
Humidity 8 %Rh
Today's Rainfall 0.00 In
Hourly Rainfall 0.00 In
Monthly Rainfall 0.77 In
Yearly Rainfall 40.70 In
Sky Condition Broken Clouds
Weather Trend
Comfort Level Uncomfortably Cold
Visibility 10 miles


Last updated at 12:41pm on 12/15/17

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Forecast for the Brockton area


US Forecasts are Public Domain and derived from the
National Weather Service - (IWIN) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


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