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Current Weather Conditions in Brockton, MA


Todays Hi/Low Temp.

 51 F / 44F


Sunrise 5:44am
Sunset 7:37pm
Moonrise 5:11pm
Moonset 4:51am
Barometer 29.70 InHg and Steady
Wind Speed 0.0 mph SW
Wind Gust 0.0 mph Hi for day1.0 mph
Wind Chill 44 F
Humidity 0 %Rh
Today's Rainfall 0.00 In
Hourly Rainfall 0.00 In
Monthly Rainfall 1.57 In
Yearly Rainfall 7.70 In
Sky Condition Clear
Weather Trend
Comfort Level Cool
Visibility 10 miles


Last updated at 4:11am on 4/27/18

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Forecast for the Brockton area


US Forecasts are Public Domain and derived from the
National Weather Service - (IWIN) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


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